Cerky “Fog”

Sunday grooves…

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3 Responses to Cerky “Fog”

  1. Leah MacVie says:

    I wish I could get a whole playlist of this kind of music! What do I search for on Spotify?


    • Hey Leah! Great question. The challenge is that this type of music doesn’t really have a defined genre. I’ve found that artists and producers each call it something different. It’s trip hop/soul, hip hop/soul, beats/soul. I tend to find a song I like on Soundcloud and then listen to “Related Tracks” for that one specific song as opposed to an artist’s station on Pandora which can give you a variety of music that you don’t always want to listen to. Some artists you should check out: Proleter, Awon, Panthurr, Our Samplus, Favormusik. I’m going to make you a playlist within the next few weeks. I love this type of music.


      • Leah MacVie says:

        Thanks for the recommendations, my dear. I am going to look these up on Spotify 🙂 Make a playlist, yay!! I will love it.


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