Supertramp “School”

“School” is my favorite Supertramp song.  It will make you want to play air piano.  While I wasn’t born until 1986, I can I remember Supertramp’s, Breakfast in America (1979) being one of my favorite albums growing up.  “School” isn’t on that album but I love jamming out to the guitar and piano in this classic rock tune.  Play loud.


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2 Responses to Supertramp “School”

  1. James F Suters says:

    Hey Blake, have been meaning to say great blog you have here! Definitely agree with you this is a fantastic song and album. This Nov. in Niagara Falls I’m going to see Roger Hodgson (cofounder and songwriter of Supertramp).. he wrote School and many other classics, Dreamer, Hide in Your Shell, If Everyone Was Listening on this album, countless others… Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Take the Long Way Home… so many to list them all. Roger still includes School in his set-lists, the opening chords give me chills and goosebumps every time…still has the strong and distinct voice as you remember on the albums (i’d say his voice is even stronger now) And the band with him are top-notch musicians. Try to make it to the show if you can- it would be the Crime of the Century to miss it , LOL 🙂


    • Hey James!
      Thanks so much, I really appreciate that. Love that we both get goosebumps from this. I knew nothing about the background of this song and Roger Hodgson’s influence. I hope I can take in the concert. Thank you for the info James!


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