Buffalo Heard DJ @ the TEDxBuffalo VIP Event

The Heard was last spotted at the Canisius College Montante Cultural Center on October 8th to DJ for the TEDxBuffalo VIP event.  So many intelligent minds all in one place!  Now that’s not intimidating at all.  Check out the above hyperlink to see how beautiful the performing arts facility is.  Who wouldn’t want to throw a party in there with top-notch acoustics?  I created 3 solid playlists where the pace picks up by the time you get to playlist #3.  Below were some top favorites from the event.

Playlist 1: Lounge

Playlist 2: Soul/Funk

Playlist 3: Modern

(This image was borrowed directly from the TEDxBuffalo website)


About Buffalo Heard

Indie music blog based in Buffalo, NY
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2 Responses to Buffalo Heard DJ @ the TEDxBuffalo VIP Event

  1. I love the tracks you put together for the event – The Heard is a great DJ!


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