FYFE “Belong ft. Kimbra”

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Daniel Wilson “Wedding Daze”

Because it’s wedding season and this guy’s voice ain’t too shabby.

If you like, check out “If You Went Away.”

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Marika Hackman “Cigarette”

Voice, chords and lyrics are incredible.

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Show Review: Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor Concert

If you’re looking for a unique concert experience, please make it a priority to see French DJ and producer, Jean-Christophe Le Saoût otherwise known as, Wax Tailor. I made the hour and half trek down the QEW to see his set at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on January 24th and was blown away by the dynamic performance.

I first fell in love with Wax Tailor when he dropped his 2005 EP, Que Sera.  His distinct sound blends soul, hip-hop, funk, rap, blues, cinema, jazz, psychedelic rock and classical. It’s unmistakable in an era where mainstream music has become far too similar and convoluted. In an article with French magazine, 90bpm, Wax Tailor shares, “In general, I do not fit in the formats of the mainstream media. The few times they took an interest in me, they asked me to edit songs. It was out of the question. So, I do not give a damn about it. I choose what I want to diffuse to the feeling.” Respect.

Last October, Wax Tailor released his fifth full-length studio album, By Any Beats Necessary.  Influenced by his excursions throughout the United States while on his 2015 tour, the versatile album takes us on an atmospheric, soundtrack-like roadtrip through time. In an interview with Greenroom, he explains “Without going too deep into politics, the title of the album reflects my determination to use all kinds of sounds and textures to get to something musical. The word “beat” refers to the “beat generation”, and to the famous novel by Kerouac “On the Road”, thus in search of a better place. At this point where each one of us needs a little escape, I conceptualized this album as the soundtrack of a “better elsewhere” as I imagined it, such as the southwestern part of the United States. In view of the first single, the album looks very beautiful, there is more to accept this invitation to travel.”

On the album he collaborates with industry leaders like Ghostface Killah, Lee Fields and Tricky. On the road his turntables are accompanied by a full band (guitar, drums, cello) and include rappers, Raashan Ahmad and Mattic as well as singer Charlotte Savary. The ensemble is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Witnessing how each song is layered in person has increased my admiration for Wax Tailor and his craft. He’s a true artist who breaks the boundaries of musical genres. Be prepared for a hair-raising experience that will transpose you through time and space…at least for a few hours.

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Lizzy Land “Sweet Melodies (Schier Remix)”

Great car sing-a-long…  “I hear a love song playin’ in my head like OoOooO”

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RAC “This Song ft. Rostam (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)”

Can’t get enough of this feel good song.

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Lewis Del Mar

Loving this duo right now.

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Cerky “Fog”

Sunday grooves…

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Floppy Circus “The Brightest Smile ft. Panthurr”

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Trey Songz “Nobody Else But You”

Loving the new single from Trey Songz’s 7th studio album Tremaine: The Album dropping March 24th.

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